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Bacopa Herb               35%  
Rhodiola Root               10%  
Schizandra Berries               10%  
Cordyceps mushroom               10% 
Silk Tree Bark               10%  
Mucuna Seed                  8%  
Bupleurum Root                  7%  
Rosemary Leaf                  5% 
Gingko leaf                  5%  


Roots run Deep

USES: Focus and attention; rooting consciousness in the present.  Mental fatigue.  The mind is groggy, the brain is foggy, and that name is on the tip of your tongue.  Distractibility, with or without associated irritability.  General cognitive function.  As my friend, Zayde, says, “It’s brain polish!”    

Roots Run Deep was originally developed as an alternative to the thousand-and-one brain formulas on the market which are sometimes excellent at preventing or even treating dementia, but which rarely address cognitive function in younger, healthy individuals. 
The cornerstone of Roots Run Deep is the Ayurvedic herb Bacopa.  Bacopa sharpens focus and attention.  It prevents background static – both external and internal – from intruding on the consciousness.  In studies in both India and the U.S., Bacopa has increased cognitive performance in a number of ways: recall, information processing, school performance, etc., in a various age groups.  It’s a wonderful herb.
Roots Run Deep also raises brain dopamine levels with Schizandra and Mucuna.  Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which helps us feel content, and present in the moment.  Low dopamine, on the other hand, leaves people distracted, impulsive, in search of excitement.  Look at what else raises dopamine: sex, drugs, and rock'n'roll.  And Ritalin. 
Rhodiola and Schizandra buffer the effects of stress on cognition.  Silk Tree bark smoothes emotional lability.  In high doses, it can be a profound mood elevator; here, it reduces any undercurrent of discontent which may untether the attention.  Bupleurum clears heat from the liver, which should at least begin to address frustration and “hot-headedness.”  (Hot liver equals hot head… leave it to the Chinese!  I won’t claim that it makes sense.  But it works).  Schizandra is a good liver herb, too.
Rosemary is invigorating to the intellect, and Cordyceps functions sort of like a yawn, giving the brain a little more oxygen to work with.  Gingko, subject of numerous clinical trials on Alzheimer’s disease, actually does not do much in normal, healthy folk.  Here, it’s only 5% of the formula, intended to increase uptake of the other, active constituents into the brain.   

Supportive practices: Get a good night’s sleep, fresh air, natural light, and regular exercise.  Avoid artificial food additives, and foods which cause large fluctuations in blood sugar.  If you need to carb out, wait till after your brain is done for the day.  Get up and walk for five minutes every hour.  Use caffeine judiciously, but do not abuse it. 
High dose fish oil can help, especially if there is lowered mood or sensory integration issues.  Vitamin B6 as pyridoxal-5-phosphate if there is poor dream recall or moody PMS.  Zinc, especially if focus issues are linked to hyperactivity, or raging teenage hormones.  If exhausted, add Leaping*(Soaring).  One ounce of dark chocolate (80% or higher cacao content) allowed to dissolve in the mouth to temporarily sharpen focus. 



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