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worst tasting,

Best Working
So says the slogan on the Immune Dragon Super Brew. (Catchy one, ain't it?) To tell the truth, not all our stuff tastes that bad. In fact, the energy formula almost tastes good... But that's just a lucky coincidence. We never let taste dictate a formula. We never let trends dictate a formula. We never let the marketing department dictate a formula. The formula working is what dictates a formula.

we donate 10% to

Make the World a Better Place
From day 1, that is a promise. 10% of our profits will go to hunger, medical research, the environment, and human rights. (The other 90%, we get to keep.)

a return to genuine

Herbalism will find its Roots
in the synergy of coherent formulas. Of course single herbs have their place, too. But a well-designed formula can deepen and broaden the activity of its constituent herbs. A well-designed formula will focus and direct its constituent herbs. A well-designed formula imbues its constituent herbs with purpose and intelligence.

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we apply

Scientific Understanding
to the ancient healing art of plant medicine. Or we try. More often than not, however, the latest clinical trial does little more than confirm what the great teachers, the village healers, and your grandma already knew. (We still read the trials, of course).

Meticulously controlled extraction can preserve plant quality; lab analysis can verify it. But first that "quality" is created not in a lab, and hardly under our control by plants growing beneath the big blue sky, or a canopy of leaves.

Okay, so maybe that's getting a little poetical. Our Cordyceps mushrooms are actually cultivated in giant darkened greenhouses ("greyhouses"?) under tightly controlled conditions. But it's still the intelligence of the living organism that organizes itself from earth and air and rain or carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, if you prefer.     

© 2009 Adam Herbs. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use common sense. Don't jump into a full therapeutic dose of anything the first day. Trust your experience more than someone's learned opinion. If you're dealing with something scary or serious, work with a professional. If the professional appears incompetent, find a better one.